GoMini Double Electric Breast Pump + Gift with Purchase
Pigeon Style GoMini is a NEW, small, light electric breast pump designed to support breast feeding mothers and their dynamic lifestyles. Perfect for mum whether at home, work or just on the go. PORTABLE | USABLE | VERSATILE Compact and...
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Electric Breast Pump Pro
28 x Comfort settings for easy control and monitoring, meaning you can find the perfect strength and speed to suit you more easily. The LCD digital display enables you to quickly and easily control the speed and strength of the...
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Manual Breast Pump
The Pigeon manual breast pump replicates the sucking pattern of your baby, at your own pace. It has a unique sealing air cushion to assist with let down, and fewer parts to help with cleaning.
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Honeycomb Disposable Breast Pad 24s
Honeycomb design helps wick away moisture even faster, ensuring you stay dry and confident all day and during the night. Pigeon introduces the next level in comfort and security in Breast Pads. Already known as an international specialist in breast...
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Natural Fit Nipple Shield
Pigeon Natural Fit Nipple Shields are an effective tool for successful breastfeeding and a solution to short term latch-on issues. Thin and soft in design, they are suitable for flat or inverted nipples, sore or cracked nipples. Helps to relieve...
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Nipple Puller
The Pigeon Nipple Puller is an invaluable tool for mothers who have difficulty directly breastfeeding their babies due to flat or inverted nipples.  Use it to gently draw out the nipple, making it easier for the baby to latch on....
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