We care for your baby’s hygiene as much as you do and go the extra mile to bring you the perfect cleaning solutions.

Our advanced Liquid Cleanser with antibacterial properties ensures your feeding equipment is thoroughly cleaned every time. Use as well on baby toys and accessories as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the laundry, our anti-bacterial Baby Laundry Detergent works hard to lift, trap and repel dirt from your baby’s precious clothes.

Specially designed high-quality nylon and sponge brushes are soft on bottles to help prevent scratches.

With Pigeon’s range of steam sterilisers you give your baby expert cleaning every time.

Baby-Safe Dishwashing Liquid & Brushes

Experience the ultimate in baby product cleaning with Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. This versatile solution caters to your every need, from baby bottles and teats to toys, accessories, and even fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our low-sud formula guarantees a hassle-free rinse, ensuring a residue-free clean every time. Say goodbye to stubborn milk stains and hello to spotless, like-new bottles.

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is meticulously crafted from food-grade ingredients, devoid of harsh chemicals that can harm your little one. Plus, it's naturally biodegradable, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Most importantly, it safeguards your baby's health by effectively eliminating 99% of bacteria. Embrace the peace of mind that comes from using a cleaning solution designed with your baby's safety as the top priority.

Landry Detergent

Babies have sensitive skin that deserves the gentlest care. Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent Powder is designed to wash away dirt, stains, and everyday mishaps while prioritising your baby's well-being.

Our unique formulation follows a simple mantra: Trap, Lift, Clean. It effectively traps and lifts dirt, leaving clothes spotless without causing any damage. This is especially crucial for delicate baby garments.

You can trust this detergent to combat tough stains like fruit and food stains, urine, and even baby's unavoidable accidents. It's not just effective; it's also anti-bacterial, dermatologically tested, and non-irritating to ensure the utmost safety for your baby's sensitive skin.

For a complete cleaning solution, pair it with Pigeon Liquid Cleanser, because your baby's comfort and hygiene are our top priority.

Microwave Sterilising

Microwave sterilisation, especially when using a trusted product like the Pigeon Microwave Steriliser, is an essential practice for baby care. This method of sterilising offers several advantages to parents:

  1. Effective Bacteria Elimination: The Pigeon Microwave Steriliser is designed to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and germs from baby bottles, teats, pacifiers, and other accessories.
  2. Rapid and Convenient: The Pigeon Microwave Steriliser is a convenient and time-efficient option.
  3. Promotes Hygiene Maintaining hygiene in your baby's feeding equipment is of utmost importance.
  4. Chemical-Free: This sterilisation method doesn't involve the use of chemicals.