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Quality Baby Bottles and Teats

When you’re bottle feeding your little one, selecting the right Pigeon baby bottle is just the start.

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Pigeon SofTouch

Best when Breast and Bottle Feeding

Pigeon SofTouch bottles and teats are recognised by their wide neck and offers the most natural feeding - through a bottle.

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pigeon flexible bottle range

Flexible Bottles

Best when Formula Feeding

Pigeon Flexible bottles and teats are recognised by their slim neck. This range is more traditional in shape and best when formula feeding.

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Popular Baby Care Products

Turn feeding time into a pleasure with one of Pigeon's great range of feeding products such as baby bottles, bottle teats, breast pumps, baby wipes and more.

Cleaning & Sterilising

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Baby Care Accessories

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Dental & Pacificers

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Pigeon promotes the healthy development of baby

For over half a century the name Pigeon has been synonymous with comfort, trust, value, and uncompromising quality. Today, as a market leader in a range of mother and baby products, millions of parents around the world turn to Pigeon as the one-stop stop for all their maternity and baby care needs.

Drinking Cups

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Baby Wipes

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Cleft Palate Feeding

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With expert knowledge, passion for quality

and an ability to adapt and embrace new technology and materials, Pigeon products lead the world. At Pigeon we strive to be innovative. Our mother and baby collection is always growing to ensure we offer the best products we can.


Baby care products dedicated to providing quality, comfort and convenience.

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Pigeon Baby Bottles & Accessories

Developed by experts and trusted by mums, Pigeon Baby offers a range of baby bottles, breastfeeding and baby care products. The result of over 60 years of in-depth research and backed by pediatricians, pediatric nurses and maternity staff. The Pigeon baby bottle and teat range offers baby bottles that support expressed breast milk and formula fed babies.

Featuring the Pigeon SofTouch and Flexi range, our baby bottles are scientifically designed for gentle grip, along with a unique venting system to adjust air pressure inside the bottle to help reduce colic. With a range of different bottle and teat sizes, along with four main materials, including PP, PPSU, T-Ester and Glass, millions of parents consider Pigeon the best baby bottle for all their bottle needs.

Pigeon is committed to supporting mothers on their breastfeeding journey. Along with our breastfeeding guide, Pigeon provides breastfeeding products, including manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories.

Further to our feeding range, Pigeon offers baby-friendly cleaning and baby skincare products. From bottle cleaning liquid and baby laundry detergent, to nourishing cleanser and non-greasy moisturiser, our range of dermatologically tested and non-irritating products protects your baby from nasty germs and bacteria.