• Mum Guilt

    Mum Guilt

    As I was scrolling aimlessly through my Instagram… somewhere between drooling over pictures of pancakes and making fitness promises to myself that I will never keep… I came across a video from my lifelong celebrity crush, Hilary Duff (whatever, don’t judge me..). ANYWAY, Hilz was sick in bed and had posted a video talking about how guilty she felt about being stuck, resting-up instead of...
  • To Dummy, or Not to Dummy?

    To Dummy, or Not to Dummy?

    Oh the internal conflict that follows this question! Should I let my perfect.. yet sooky, tantrum-prone, for-the-love-of-TimTams-can-I-please-get-SOME-QUIET!?, adorable baby indulge in the notorious dummy? And if i do, am I just asking for a dummy-addicted, Maggie Simpson-esk version of my baby, who will probably still be sucking on a dummy at their high-school formal?!? (Not to mention, braces are EXPENSIVE.)Uh-huh… Sound familiar? Well, fear NOT!Because, good...
  • Your Babies Emotional Love Cup

    Your Babies Emotional Love Cup

    Who doesn’t love a classic metaphor? Especially when it’s used to explain something that’s just unexplainable. Something like the fuzzy, warm, goo-goo eyed feeling we call love. Your baby’s 'love cup' is a metaphor used in reference to their emotions. When your baby’s cup is full, they are satisfied and cheery (YAY!) However, when it’s running on empty, your bub may have a hard...
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