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Guide: Best Newborn Baby Bottles

Health experts say that breast milk is the best nutritional option for babies, but breastfeeding might not be possible for all mums. For mums who can’t breastfeed or choose not to, formula milk is the best alternative. So whether your newborn baby is on formula or he is breastfed but you express milk, you will need a baby bottle. But with so many baby bottles in the market, how should you know which is the best one for your newborn baby?

Choosing the best baby bottle for your newborn may involve a bit of trial and error, as different babies prefer different shapes or sizes, but this guide will help you understand the different types of baby bottles and you will be able to make a more certain choice. Once you find a baby bottle that your newborn adapts to, stick to that bottle!

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Types of newborn baby bottles

There are two different types of newborn baby bottles for when your baby is bottle fed only or for when he is breastfed as well. This is because the teats that come with those bottles were developed for two different needs:

1. When the baby is bottle fed exclusively:

A teat that is soft and flexible will allow the baby to latch on comfortably and easily. In this case the Pigeon Flexible Bottles and Teats are recommended. These are slim neck bottles that you can find in four different materials and in a few different sizes.

The best seller in this category is the Pigeon Flexible Bottle PP 120ml.

PP stands for polypropylene, which is a light-weight plastic that is suitable for low to regular use. The bottle size is 120ml which is great for a newborn, considering the amount of milk he will take. This 120ml baby bottle comes with a Flexible teat size S with a round hole, that is perfect for young babies who have little jaw development as they don’t have to suck too hard to get their milk. 

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Pigeon Flexible™ Bottle newborn bottle
Pigeon SofTouch™ newborn bottle

2. When the baby is bottle fed and breastfed

In this case it is important for the baby to have a similar feeling when drinking from a bottle and from mommy's breast. Pigeon SofTouch Bottles and Teats are wide neck bottles with a teat design that is similar to breast shape and helps to reduce nipple confusion when combining both feedings

.In this category, the best seller is the Pigeon SofTouch Bottle PP 160ml.

Preferred for newborns from being made with a light-weight plastic, the 160ml bottle comes with a SS teat with a round hole.

Important tip! All Pigeon newborn baby bottles and teats were developed with an anti-colic system, which will help avoid that your baby feels upset and gassy after feeding, and consequently reducing colic.

Shop Pigeon SofTouch™ Bottle PP 160ml

When should you upgrade your newborn baby bottle?

Once your newborn baby is growing, his bottle should grow with him. You should upgrade your newborn baby bottle when you notice:

- Your baby is starting to drink a larger amount of milk: This means your baby needs a bigger bottle that will suit the amount of milk that he’s having.

- Your baby needs a teat with a faster flow: Your baby might be sucking too hard and not getting enough milk. The cue to when to change the teat size should be taken from your baby, but here’s a size guide to help you:

SofTouch Bottle Range

Teat SizeAgeHole Shape
SFrom 1 monthRound
MFrom 3 monthsY cut
LFrom 6 monthsY cut
LLFrom 9 monthsY cut
LLLFrom 15 monthsY cut

Flexible Bottle Range

Teat SizeAgeHole Shape
SFrom 1 monthRound
MFrom 3 monthsY cut
LFrom 6 monthsRound
LLFrom 9 monthsY cut

What is a Y cut on the hole shape? Y cut (or cross cut) have an opening shape like a “Y”. On these, milk is only released by sucking. It is perfect for olders babies as they will be able to vary the flow themselves - the harder they suck, the larger the Y cut opens.

When should you upgrade your newborn baby bottle?

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When you use a newborn bottle to feed your baby, there are some accessories that are essential:

- For cleaning your baby’s bottles and teats: to ensure you reach the inside bottom of the bottle and remove all milk residues, you can use the Baby Bottle Sponge Brush, which is a soft sponge, or the 2-in-1 Nipple and Bottle Brush, that comes with a brush for the bottle and a smaller brush to clean small parts like the teats.

- For sterilising your baby’s bottles and teats: keep your baby’s feeding equipment free from germs and bacterias using the Microwave Steriliser.

- For storing your baby’s formula: the Powdered Milk Container is a compact container with three separated compartments and a top nozzle for easy pour of the formula on the bottle.

- For storing breastmilk: keep your expressed milk stored safely in the Breastmilk Storage Bags or Breastmilk Storage Bottles. Both are easy on the go and can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Looking for the best newborn baby bottle can be a little overwhelming but hopefully this guide will help you where to start. Your baby might be reluctant to take the first bottle, but once you find the one that he adapts to, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.