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Your baby’s delicate skin demands the right amount of nourishment and protection.

Natural Botanical carefully selects ingredients from nature to strike this delicate balance. While doing so, it also treats Mother Earth with the same care and respect that it offers your little one.

Nourish and protect with our natural-based baby skincare range

Give your baby's delicate skin the nourishment and protection it deserves with Natural Botanical's range of natural-based baby skincare products. Our carefully selected ingredients from nature strike the perfect balance, ensuring your little one's skin gets the best care.

Plus, we treat Mother Earth with the same respect, making our products not just good for your baby, but also for the environment.

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A gentle and dermatologically tested baby skincare solution

Crafted through sustainable practices, including the use of recycled plastics, the Natural Botanical Baby skincare series offers gentle skincare for your baby.

Enriched with nutrient-rich natural ingredients such as argan oil, olive oil, and chamomile, these products promote the development of resilient, smooth, and healthy skin.

The natural-based skincare range comprises of:

  • Over 90% natural ingredients
  • No Parabens, 
  • Formaldehydes or Ethyl Alcohol
  • Dermatologically Tested

When we borrow extensively from nature, we know when to stop

Our baby skincare range comprises over 90% natural ingredients, carefully selected to ensure safety and effectiveness for your baby's delicate skin. While we believe in the power of nature, we also recognise that a completely natural formula may not always be the safest option. Therefore, the remaining 10% of ingredients are thoughtfully added to enhance the safety, stability, and fragrance of our products.

Below are the key plant extracts we incorporate to provide the best care for your little one's skin.

Anti-inflammatory qualities to soothe irritated skin Facilitates sleep and reduces anxiety Known natural relaxant to calm your baby.

Treats the skin to anti-oxidants and vitamins Adds a layer of protection from the elements Possesses the ability to stimulate skin cells.

Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids Assists with your baby’s skin regeneration Helps build your baby’s skin’s natural oil barrier.

Complete Skincare Solutions for Your Baby

The Natural Botanical baby skincare line is created to suit the ideal skincare regime for your baby.

Natural Botanical Baby Head & Body Wash
A Head-to-toe wash that cleanses your baby and nourishes the scalp. All the while maintaining the smoothness of your little one’s skin.


Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion
(Night Moisturiser)
Offers 24-hour moisturisation using a non-greasy formula. Soothes your baby's dry, itchy skin while they sleep.


Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel
(Day Moisturiser)
A light-weight moisturiser that’s easy to apply, absorbed quickly and hydrates baby’s skin in no time.


Natural Botanical Baby Massage Oil
A lightweight oil to calm your baby and enable a good night’s sleep. It even moisturizes and nourishes the skin.