Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel 200ml


Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel provides a boost of hydration leaving your baby’s skin feeling moist, fresh and cool. Safe for newborns.

Provide a quick boost of hydration to baby’s skin after a morning bath for a refreshing start of the day.

  • Formulated with more than 80% natural origin
  • Ultra-lightweight, watery-feel gel texture
  • Absorbs quickly for rapid hydration
  • Keep skin supple and hydrated
  • Contains nourishing Argan, Olive and Chamomile extracts
  • Dermatologically Tested

How to Use?

Apply a liberal amount of lotion daily on your baby’s face and body after their morning bath for a refreshing start of the day.


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What is Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel and the purpose of this product?

Baby Water Gel is an ideal Day Moisturizer for hot and humid weather as it offers lightweight hydration, a cooling effect, and a comfortable, non-greasy application that keeps a baby's skin nourished and refreshed throughout the day. Light, water-based texture: The gel is absorbed quickly into the skin, offering immediate hydration and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. This ensures that it does not leave behind a heavy or greasy residue, which can be uncomfortable in hot and humid weather. Cooling Effect: The gel formulation provides a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied, helping to soothe and calm the skin in warm conditions. This can be especially comforting for a baby during the summer months. Hydration without Overloading: In hot and humid weather, skin can easily become overheated and congested. Baby Water Gel offers balanced hydration without overloading the skin with heavy oils or creams, allowing it to breathe freely.

What is the difference between the Natural Botanical Baby Water Gel and Baby Milky Lotion?

The primary differences between Baby Water Gel and Baby Milky Lotion are their textures, purposes, and usage recommendations: Baby Water Gel is a light, refreshing moisturizer perfect for daytime use in hot and humid weather, while Baby Milky Lotion is a richer moisturizer that provides lasting hydration throughout the night, particularly in dry/ air-conditioned environments.

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