Safety Nail Scissors - Newborn


Pigeon safety nail scissors are small in size, with safety rounded tips. Use to safely cut the soft, new nails of your newborn baby.

These newborn baby nail clippers provide a good grip for a steady hand to make these scissors easy to use and safe.

If your child is older than three months we recommend using these Safety Nail Scissors.


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Do newborn baby nails need scissors?

Many parents use nail scissors specifically designed for babies, as adult size nail scissors may be too big and you might risk hurting your child's fingers and toes.

How do I cut my baby's fingernails and toenails?

Many parents will start by pulling the pad of the finger or toe gently away from the nail to avoid cutting the skin and then cut the nail straight across. Sometimes you may need to use an emery board to smooth and round the nail.

Do I need to clean my baby's nail scissors before using?

We recommend that parents clean before and after every use. Clean your child's nail scissors with a cotton wad dampened in disinfectant liquid.

When should I clip my newborn baby's nails?

If you're not having any success cutting your child's nails whilst they are awake, try to cut them while your baby is sleeping.