Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion 500ml


Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion nourishes your baby’s delicate skin with long lasting moisturization up to 24 hours. Safe for newborns.

Provide baby’s skin with long lasting moisturization up to 24 hours after a nightly bath, easing skin dryness through the night.

  • Formulated with more than 90% natural origin
  • Non-greasy formula
  • 24 hours Moisturisation
  • Contains nourishing Argan, Olive and Chamomile extracts
  • Dermatologically Tested

How to Use?

Dispense an appropriate amount of this Pigeon baby cream onto your palm and gently massage into your baby’s skin after their nightly bath, or any time to ease dryness.


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When should I start using lotion on my baby?

You can start using a gentle lotion like the Pigeon Natural Botanical Baby Milly Lotion on your baby from birth. Newborns can experience dry skin, especially after baths, so a gentle, mild and free from harsh chemicals such as Pigeon Natural Botanical Milky Lotion is best to be used on baby skin after baths to help to keep their skin soft and hydrated.

What ingredients should I avoid in a baby moisturiser and lotion?

When choosing a baby lotion, it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals that could irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Some ingredients to look out for include: Parabens: Preservatives that may cause skin irritation. Sulfates: Cleansing agents that can be drying Phthalates: Used in some fragrances and may disrupt hormones Mineral Oil: Can clog pores and prevent the skin from absorbing moisture. The Pigeon Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion is formulated with more than 90% natural ingredients and is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and mineral oil.

Is the Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion dermatologically tested?

Yes, the Pigeon Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion is dermatologically tested, meaning it has been tested by skincare health professionals to ensure it’s gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin.

ChatGPT Is there a difference between baby lotion and cream?

The terms "lotion" and "cream" are frequently used interchangeably, particularly in the context of baby skincare. Both products are designed to hydrate and safeguard your baby's delicate skin - however, there are subtle differentiations between them. Lotions are typically lighter with a higher water content, providing a gentle level of hydration. Creams have a thicker texture, offering more intensive hydration.

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