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Electric Breast Pump Pro

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28 x Comfort settings for easy control and monitoring, meaning you can find the perfect strength and speed to suit you more easily.

The LCD digital display enables you to quickly and easily control the speed and strength of the pump as well as to time the length of your session.

2 Phases of pumping – the ‘Stimulation’ phase prepares the breast and encourages let-down which helps avoid nipple pain and damage when you begin the ‘Expression’ phase, and ensures you pump efficiently.

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Based on Pigeon’s breastfeeding research, the 3 factors that contribute to effective breastmilk expression

  1. Fit – how securely the ‘cup’ fits the breast
  2. Gentle Stimulation – 2 Phase pumping enables the preparation for milk ejection, ‘let-down’, then efficient
  3. Expression – smooth and efficient ejection of milk

PIGEON’s new Breast pumps satisfy these 3 factors, allowing mothers to express their milk naturally in 2 Phases, relieving concerns about painful expression or nipple damage:

  • Fit – The new Pigeon Breast Pumps come with 2 funnel sizes to suit the different needs of breastfeeding mothers, and the new Comfort ProperFIT™ flange is made of softer material and has a ‘wing’ to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The close contact achieved stops air leakage to help improve milk extraction.
  • Gentle Stimulation – The ‘Stimulation’ phase, a feature on all of the range, is essential for efficient let-down
    before breast milk expression. This is based on research of the natural sucking patterns of babies.
  • Expression – The Electric Breast Pump Pro comes with 4 levels of speed and 7 levels of suction strength giving a possible 28 combinations for your maximum comfort and ideal pumping style. The easy to read and use Digital Display also has a Timer feature.
Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Electric Breast Pump Pro

  1. Marnie Hicks

    I have used other breast pumps before but this is the most comfortable pump I have ever used. It expresses milk with ease and was not painful to use as all – SM, Berwick

  2. Marnie Hicks

    The electric pump was extremely quiet compared to other brands such as Medela. Suction was comfortable tho gentle, milk squirted out rather than dribble – SS, Zetland, NSW

  3. Marnie Hicks

    The electric breast pump was great to use, the feature of being able to personalize the speed and suction pressure was great! – JM, Kyneton, Vic

  4. Marnie Hicks

    I love it. Very comfortable to use and easy. Doesn’t hurt my nipples and gets the milk out easily. A lot quicker than pump I had borrowed and gentler on my breasts still. – RC, Brompton, SA

  5. Ellie

    Love it! Very gentle and the clever device allow you to set your own pressure and speed. The size of the machine is great for traveling with.
    Unlike other brands, Pigeon electric breast pump pro have option for AC adapter use or battery operated. I find this extremely important and flexible.

    Comparing with other brands, Pigeon electric breast pump pro does not pull or tug on my nipples. I find this very comforting to use.

    I would highly recommend this to family and friends.

  6. Marnie Hicks

    I had borrowed a Medela Swing from a friend and had just purchased a Unimom pump…. planning on returning the Medela. Then I try the Pigeon pump. Overnight I pumped more milk…. it was more comfortable and easy to use…. plus no milk goes up the tubes!

    The bottles are fantastic and my newborn gets less wind with the bottle than breastfeeding sometimes! She is exclusively breastfed…. so has only had the odd bottle of ebm.

    Anyway…. I think it’s the best pump out there by far… but in every Facebook group I am part of all people talk about is spectra or Medela… then I pipe in with ‘Get the Pigeon pump’ and even outline its features and why I think it’s the best eg… can put batteries into be mobile… digital reader so you know what setting you are on and has a light… two different cup sizes with the silicon shield (that’s my favourite)…. plus the bottles are great for the babies.

    Often no one listens and next thing the same lady is saying they bought a pump and says how it is uncomfortable… or now I need a manual pump coz need to pump in car for road trip… or what bottle is best.

    Anyway…. giving me a pump has certainly blessed me and my breastfeeding journey….. my second child is now reaping the benefits.

    Thank you once again. I’ll keep spreading the word as I do genuinely love the products and will keep recommending the pump…. it truly is the best one out!

    – JM, Kyneton VIC

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