Flexible™ Bottle PP 240ml


The Pigeon Flexible™ PP Bottle is a slim neck bottle for use with Flexible™ Peristaltic Teats.

Made from light-weight plastic, Flexible™ PP bottles are suitable for low to regular use.

A Flexible™ Peristaltic teat is supplied with this bottle. Aiming to minimise swallowed air and reduce colic in babies, the 240ml Flexible™ Peristaltic PP baby bottle offers a unique venting system. With a slim neck and double thick material, the Flexible™ Peristaltic teat also encourages a seamless latch.

The Flexible™ baby bottle is BPA and BPS free.

Bottle capacity: 240ml. Teat size M - round hole, 4+ months

  • Light weight plastic
  • Budget friendly
  • Low to regular use
  • M teat - round hole, 4+ months


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What’s the difference between Softouch and Flexible bottles?

The Pigeon Softouch Wide Neck Bottles and Teats are for babies who are breastfed from birth as the teats are designed to mimic mom’s nipple to avoid nipple confusion when transitioning from breast to bottle feeding.
The Pigeon Flexible Slim Neck Bottles and Teats are for babies who have been bottle fed from birth.

Can I use a 240ml baby bottle with a newborn?

Baby bottles are available in many sizes. For example 160ml or 240ml baby bottles. Most babies will progress to larger sizes as they age. For a newborn baby we would recommend using a smaller sized baby bottle to begin with. We have a range of newborn baby bottles.

Which teats is this bottle compatible with?

This Pigeon slim neck bottle is compatible with Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic teats.

How do I know if this is the best bottle for my baby?

Pigeon Baby offers a wide range of baby bottles with different teats flows, bottle sizes and bottle materials. To ensure you select the perfect bottle for you and your baby, discover our baby bottle guide.