Flexible™ Peristaltic Teat Y 2pcs


Pigeon's Flexible™ Peristaltic Teat is a slim neck teat, with double thickness silicone to ensure ideal softness and flexibility for latching on comfortably and easily.

Each teat also features a unique venting system to minimise swallowed air and help reduce colic.

BPA and BPS free. Teat size Y, Y cut hole.


As a guide use this teat for babies 6-9 months old.

As each child is unique, the ultimate indicator of which teat to use is your baby.


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Why does it look like the teat is closed?

This teat opens only when your baby sucks. The harder the baby sucks, the more the teat will open and vice versa.

How do I know when to change to the next size of teat?

We recommend that you get the cues to change size from your baby rather than the teat packet. Age recommendations for teats are very difficult because each baby develops at a different rates.

Ways you can tell that you should move up a size.

It might be time to consider a larger teat if:
Your baby is fussing every time they feed – this could mean that they are getting frustrated with the flow of milk from the bottle as it’s not coming fast enough.
The teat keeps collapsing when the baby is drinking, (and it’s not because the air flow valve is blocked). This can mean that the baby is sucking too hard for the size of the hole in the teat and a vacuum is being created, hence the teat collapses. The baby is now trying to drink faster than the size of the teat will allow.

How long do Pigeon silicone teats last?

We recommend changing Pigeon teats every 2-3 months, taking into consideration how many you have in rotation. Change your baby bottle teats immediately if they're damaged, weak or have bite marks.

If your teats have discoloured it is likely that they have been in contact with high temperatures during washing and sterilising.

Kindly check the temperature for your electric steriliser that it doesn’t exceed 110 degrees celsius and discard discoloured teat.