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With everything that needs to be done before baby's arrival, you want to ensure you have all the essential items ticked off the list. Don’t stress, we’ve put together a simple list of the top 10 items you will need for your new baby.

1. Nappies & Wipes

Nappies and baby wipes will be two of the most used products for your newborn. Stocking up on newborn sized nappies will be your best option. You might also want to try a few different brands to see what works best for you and your little one.

In-terms of baby wipes, you’ll probably go through 2-3 wipes per nappy change. There’s a few different types of baby wipes to consider, from water-based and plant-based, to ultra-sensitive and moisturising wipes. You can often buy small packs for the diaper bag, or large packs for the change table.

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2. Baby Bottles

Whether you plan to breastfeed or not, having a few newborn baby bottles on-hand is a good idea. Available in small bottle sizes perfect for newborns, Pigeon’s baby bottles have two different teats available.

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newborn baby bottles

3. Newborn Clothes

You will be gifted some adorable newborn outfits from friends and relatives, but don’t forget the two most important aspects of dressing a newborn, ease and comfort. Focus on buying onesies and sleep suits with zippers, as well as stretchy tights and tops. Aim for 5-7 pairs of each, from sizes 0000 to 0.  

4. Dummies / Pacifiers

Great for soothing an upset baby, a dummy is not only a great item for the hospital bag, but for the diaper bag as well. Available in a range of sizes and colours, Pigeon’s pacifiers are available from 0+ months. 

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5. Breast Pump

To avoid any uncomfortable situations, it’s a great idea to have a breast pump on-hand before baby arrives. Whether you choose an electric breast pump, or go with the manual breast pump option, breast pumps can help ease any discomfort in those first few days when your milk arrives. 

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6. Body Wash

Help keep your baby nice and clean with a nourishing baby cleanser. With such sensitive skin, your newborn’s body wash should be safe for newborns and gentle on the skin. Pigeon’s Natural Botanical skincare range is formulated with more than 90% natural origin, making it the ideal skincare for your baby. 

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7. Bassinet

Whether you plan to use a portable bassinet, a bassinet that rocks, a bedside sleeper or a smart bassinet, a bassinet is the place your little one will spend most of their time. Ensuring the bassinet supports safe sleeping guides is essential to keeping your baby safe.

8. Pram

Although you might be spending most of your time at home in those first few weeks, you’ll need a pram once you’re ready to head out and about with baby. There’s a wide range of options available, from lightweight prams to jogging prams. Choosing the right pram can make transporting baby a lot easier.

9. Bottle Steriliser

As recommended by Raising Children, it’s important to sterilise your baby’s bottles for the first 12 months. Pigeon’s microwave baby bottle steriliser is simple and easy way to effectively sterilise your baby’s bottles.

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10. For Mums

From maternity bras to maternity leggings, ensuring your wardrobe is ‘fourth trimester’ ready is essential during those first few months. 


To help you choose the perfect bottle and teat for your baby, check out our guide to the best baby bottles.