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Top baby hygiene products

To avoid discomfort and health issues with your baby, you must count on some baby hygiene products. With the proper products your baby will be safe and healthy, guaranteeing that your day-by-day with him is peaceful and full of good moments.

A baby’s immune system is very sensitive in the first few months so it is essential to have a high level of hygiene to try and keep your baby away from germs, bacterias and viruses. Especially when we are talking about a newborn, we must double our attention to anything that might affect his well-being.

From body to dental, it is important to do and use the basic products below to protect him from illness and infections.

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Which baby hygiene products should I use?

1. Soothing Baby Wash

Your baby deserves a good bath with products that will help maintain his delicate skin soft and healthy. The Botanical Baby Head & Body Wash is a two-in-one cleanser from head to toe that will both nourish the baby’s scalp, while maintaining a smooth skin. It is gentle on the eyes and contains nourishing Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Chamomile extracts.

You should include this baby wash in your baby’s bath routine, simply dispense an appropriate amount on your hands and apply over your baby’s hair and skin. We recommend you follow your pediatrician’s orientations on how often you should bathe your newborn.

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2. Baby Toothbrush

You can start to brush your baby’s teeth daily as soon as they start to come through, which can happen anytime around the 6th or 10th month.

This practice is important, even more than to get his tiny teeth clean, to help the baby understand that this is a part of his daily routine. Plus, it is going to help to sooth the gums from the eruption of the teeth.

The Training Toothbrush Set comes with three designed baby toothbrushes that attend to each stage of your baby’s oral development. It’s a value pack of toothbrushes steps 1, 2 and 3, which you can also get separated from the links below. All of them have a handle that is easy for the baby to grab and comes with one safety shield that can be attached to the brush to prevent the baby from pushing it too far in.

The Toothbrush Step 1 is recommended for babies 6-8 months, it introduces the concept of holding a toothbrush with a soft elastomer rubber head, that will sooth the gums.

The Toothbrush Step 2 is recommended for babies 8-12 months, it is used as a transition toothbrush, to familiarise your baby with the brushing movements. It's fine bristle ends allow cleaning of the gums and teeth.

The Toothbrush Step 3 is recommended for babies 12-18 months, designed to be your baby’s first real toothbrush.

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3.  Baby Wipes

We all know that nappy changes can be messy, but keep calm! Baby wipes are a must-have for all parents at these moments. Besides keeping your baby clean, safely and effectively, baby wipes are also good to prevent nappy rashes and to keep your baby’s skin dry and hydrated.

Baby wipes are also handy at mealtimes, to clean the baby’s hands and mouth or dirty from the table and feeding chair.It is important that you use a baby wipe that is soft but also thick enough that it won’t tear apart during use, like the Botanical Plantmade Gentle Wipes. This is a plant based wipe with no added fragrance and minimal ingredients, which is super recommended for babies to prevent skin reactions or allergies.

It is an eco-friendly option too, as it is biodegradable.

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4. Baby Toothgel

Pediatrics recommend using a toothpaste as soon as the first tooth appears. In the beginning just a tiny amount of toothpaste is enough, once the baby grows and his teeth grow stronger, you can increase the quantity of toothpaste used.

Babies don’t know how to spit, so it is important to use a proper toothpaste developed for babies which won’t contain ingredients that aren’t intended for consumption. Start with a tiny amount and gradually increase it to a pea size. The Baby Toothgel is safe to use on babies 6+ months and doesn’t contain fluoride, making it safe to swallow. It was specially formulated with 100% food grade ingredients and natural flavour, to gently care for your baby’s milk teeth and gums. Use a small amount on every brush daily.

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Besides feeding and keeping the baby safe, it is the parents’ responsibility to take good care of their personal hygiene as well - after all, it is all connected to safety. Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy all items at once. Along the pregnancy you can get one item at a time until you get to the end of the 38 weeks with all ready for your baby to arrive.