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Our Guide to the best baby teethers (+ when to start using them)

Although every baby starts to develop their teeth at different times, there is one thing that they all have in common: they will often go through pain and discomfort during the teething period. But there are things that help relieve your baby's teething pain.

When teeth start to develop, it is natural that the baby will feel discomfort from their swollen gums and you can notice that this process has started when the baby starts to put everything he can grab into his mouth to chew. But why do they do that?

Chewing gives the baby some relief as it helps to ease the pain of the eruption on their gums. Teethers are chewing toys that were developed specifically to help a baby through this process. Teethers also help in train and strengthening the necessary muscles for chewing food in the future.

teething baby crawling

When is your baby ready to start using a teether? 

Most babies start teething at any time between 6 or 12 months, but there are some common symptoms you have to pay attention to:

Dribbling: if your baby is drooling more than usual.

Gnawing: if your baby is not only putting things into their mouth, but also chewing on everything.

Pulling ears: the teeth eruption may cause inflammation in baby’s gum, and the nerves on the mouth go all the way to the ears which can cause discomfort on the ears as well.

Fever: teething might slightly raise baby’s temperature

Difficulty feeding: baby might feel some discomfort when latching on the nipple.

Pink cheeks: constant drool and saliva can irritate the skin, causing harmless red rash on the cheeks.

Extra crying/cranky mood: baby’s manor will probably change because of the teething discomfort.

What teethers should be avoided?

Wood: wooden spikes can hurt the baby’s gum.

Latex/PVC: may contain biologically harmful chemicals.

Fabric or any other materials that can capture moisture: water or baby’s saliva can help grow mould when trapped.

crying baby

Other ways to help relieve baby teething pain?

Pop teether in the fridge: cold temperatures are good for soothing the pain on your baby’s gums - just be careful not to freeze it.

Cold food: try giving your baby cold food like yogurt or mashed fruits - but avoid citrus fruits as they can inflame the gums.

Rub baby’s gum: you can use your clean finger or a wet gauze to massage baby’s gum to relieve the pain.

Keep your baby’s mouth and hands dry and clean: Your baby is going to drool while chewing the teether, so make sure to wipe every now and again to avoid skin rashes.

Top 3 best baby teethers

1. Pigeon’s Baby Cooling Teether

Designed with a handle that your baby can easily grab, the Pigeon Baby Cooling Teether helps to relieve the discomfort of the eruption gums and at the same time it provides a stimulus for baby’s mouth development.

In a square or circle shape, the different textures on the Pigeon Baby Cooling Teether are ideal for satisfying baby’s needs to chew.

Water filled, you can pop it in the fridge or freezer to cool (but be careful not to freeze it!) to better soothe the baby’s gums.

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Pigeon cooling teether
Pigeon baby teether 1

2. Pigeon Baby Teether Step 1

With a variety of shapes and patterns, The Pigeon Baby Teether Step 1 encourages babies +4 months to close their lips and chew, providing gum training that develops bite strength for proper teething.

The material is soft and gentle on gums, and comes with a small grip handle that is perfect for the baby’s small hands.

The colour is bright and the parts are not detachable, so there are no safety hazards for your baby.

★★★★★ a year ago

"My bubba has started to show signs of teething so we decided to let him try this (on top of the triangle teether that he has). He liked this quite a lot because he can play with it like a normal toy while enjoying it as a teether as well.

The teether itself is also made of good material which I feel is safe for babies."

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3. Pigeon Baby Teether Step 2

Following the features of the Pigeon Baby Teether Step 1, Pigeon Baby Teether Step 2 also comes with a variety of shapes and patterns and is a second step for babies +7 months to improve your baby’s bite strength.

Brightly coloured, soft and gentle on gum and with no detachable parts, the Pigeon Baby Teether Step 2 is totally safe for your baby.

★★★★★ a year ago

"Only teething toy he wants - This is the best toy for babies and step 1 also. It’s the only toy he wants to hold onto. I have to buy more incase he loses it"

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Pigeon baby teether two

Babies are always putting things into their mouths and that is a fact. Baby teethers are not just a safe thing for them to lick and chew but they’re also an important part of your baby’s teething as much as oral development. Your baby will be happy to have a toy that won’t hurt his mouth or gum and you will be comfortable knowing that your baby is safe and working on his chewing.

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