Weaning Bottle with Spoon 120ml and 240ml

25 Jul Weaning Bottle with Spoon 120ml and 240ml

Pigeon Weaning Bottles with Spoon are designed to introduce babies to spoon-feeding during the first weaning stage. The bottle is squeezable, enabling easy control over how much food flows onto the spoon each time.




Health Professionals find them ideal for:

  • Post Op babies
  • Babies with no sucking ability
  • Babies who are struggling to wean from a bottle onto solid food, especially with the increased usage of on-the-go puree pouches rather than being fed directly with  spoon





Product Features:

  • Suitable for 6+ months
  • Soft squeezable bottle with spoon
  • Helps babies learn textures and experience eating from spoon with less mess
  • Perfect for the first stage of weaning with juice, soup or soft solids
  • BPA-Free’




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