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Slim Neck Peristaltic Bottle 240mL (PP)

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High quality, BPA-free plastic in an ergonomic design and comes with the original Peristaltic Teat (M). Slim shape, 240ml. The teat tip is a round hole.


You may have seen in the news recently a study has been done showing that more than half of the brands of Baby Bottles available  in Australia do not comply to the International Standard.

The great news is that Pigeon bottles do comply and have been tested by TUV, one of the biggest global NATA approved independent testing laboratories.

Pigeon Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of baby accessories in the world. Our attention to detail and quality standards are second to none, so rest assured we have the safety of your baby at heart

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High quality BPA-free plastic in an ergonomic design and comes with the original Peristaltic Teat (M). Slim shape, 240ml.

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Weight 84 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 22 cm
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4 reviews for Slim Neck Peristaltic Bottle 240mL (PP)

  1. Marnie Hicks

    I’m pretty impressed with your bottles. My six week old was impressed as well 🙂 when she latched on, she looked as though she was on cloud 9. No milk came out of the sides of her mouth & no letting go & being fussy to hop back on. The bottle was easy to hold on. It made feeding a lot easier. Tomorrow I’ll be back at the chemist, buying more of your bottles.
    – Bubblesbub

  2. Marnie Hicks

    I initially bought these bottles just because they look like bottles, not like plastic body parts! My lactation consultant told me later they have the best shaped teat of any bottles – long and soft, to reach further into baby’s mouth, mimicking breastfeeding much better than those more ‘realistic’ shaped bottles. Also found that baby gets less wind than when using Avent or the hospital bottles. – Emma

  3. Roselena Dawson

    I love these bottles, my son has a lip tie and suffered really bad colic. I tried every bottle on the market even ordered special bottles out of America for him. He refused all bottles. I tried these and there was no looking back. I was able to still pump and he could have a bottle that he could latch to as well it reduced his colic by half.

  4. Amy

    I started to mix feed my baby from 4 months and after 5 different bottles she took to the Pigeon one with not a problem, she took to it instantly and at 14 months she still uses them every day!

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