Breastfeeding is a very important milestone for you and your baby. The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of your baby’s life and that you continue for as long as possible. Breast milk supports healthy infant development and contains all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs.

While we all understand the importance of breastfeeding, we also know that life can be busy and full of challenges. Not all mothers are able to feed for an extended period of time. Work or other commitments, medical or nipple problems can all influence your ability to breast feed.

With more than 50 years of experience in infant feeding studies, PIGEON offers a range of breast pumps that each address the 3 key steps to effective breast milk expression - Fit, Gentle Stimulation and Expression. Pigeon breast pumps allow mothers to express their breast milk comfortably, in the most natural way.

Which pump is right for me?

When it comes to choosing a breast pump, before you buy, it is important to consider how you are going to use the pump. Some mums might be very clear on what their needs will be – they want their partner involved, they are going back to work, they might only want to express occasionally. Others might not yet know and that is okay.

For some mums, buying before their baby is born helps them be prepared. But, if you aren’t sure how and when you will use a breast pump, it’s best to wait. See how you are feeling, how much milk you are producing and how you might need to use your milk.

Below is a simple guide to help you. Each mum is different as is each baby. There is no right pump for everyone and some mums never use a pump. If you are at all concerned or confused, discuss it with your healthcare professional.

  • I plan to go back to work, but want to continue breastfeeding
  • I want to easily express at home so my partner can help with some of the feeds
  • I want a fuss free pump that is easy to use
  • I want flexibility. Sometimes a single pump and sometimes a double pump
  • Pigeon Style GoMini™ Double Electric Breast Pump
  • As a double pump, you will express more quickly than with a single or manual pump
  • Light in weight and small in size, so easy to carry and store
  • Quick to set up and effective to use
  • Can be used as a single or double pump

  • I want to express, but probaby only occasionally
  • I don't want to spend a lot of money
  • Pigeon Manual Breast Pump
  • An affordable and fuss free option if you only want to express occasionally.
  • For mums who appreciate the convenience of a manual pump.

  • I don’t want to waste any of my breast milk
  • I need assistance with let down
  • I am not sure if I want to express and if I do, it might only be very occasionally
  • Pigeon Milk Saver Pump
  • A low-cost pump designed to collect breastmilk that may release from one breast while the other is being used to feed
  • Gentle squeezing of the pump will assist in let down

Breastfeeding Essentials

When you are breastfeeding it is important you have the right products to support you and your baby. At Pigeon, all our products have been designed to the highest standards that you and your baby deserve.

Breast Pads

Breast pads protect your skin and clothes from excessive moisture.

Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads are soft and breathable with a contoured shape for comfort fit. The honeycomb design top sheet quickly traps milk to keep your skin dry and the leak proof layer on the back protects your clothes. Adhesive strips keep the pads firmly in place and ensure no slips.

Breast Milk Storage

Pigeon Breast Milk Storage Bags & Breast Milk Storage Bottles are a convenient way to store your expressed breast milk.

The Storage Bags are pre-sterilised and ready to use, with a double zip closure to minimise the risk of leaks or spills. Upright store in the fridge, but may also be frozen for longer term breast milk storage.

Pigeon Storage Bottles are available in both slim and wide neck design and come with a sealing disc for easy store in the fridge or freezer. Use with Pigeon slim or wide neck teats.

Nipple Care

When breastfeeding, it is important to protect your nipples. Pigeon Natural Fit Nipple Shields can help if you struggle with pain during breastfeeding or have flat or inverted, or sore or cracked nipples. Thin and soft in design, they feature a unique curved shape to maximise skin to skin contact.

When nipples are flat or inverted, Pigeon’s Nipple Puller can be used to gently draw the nipple out and help your baby latch on. The Nipple Puller may also be used to strengthen and prepare nipples for breastfeeding.