Oral Development Range

25 May Oral Development Range

Pigeon’s ongoing research enables us to offer medically researched products to help babies progress through their natural growth phases.

Pigeon has undertaken unique studies into the jaw and tongue movements of babies in order to fully understand how they develop.




Pigeon’s unique three-step dummy system meets the baby’s changing needs at every developmental stage. Babies have a natural need to suck. Dummies satisfy this need and also act as a soothing and comforting influence.

Dummy - Step 1


Step 1

  • From newborn, the sucking action is important to the baby’s emotional and oral development
  • Resembles the shape of a mother’s nipple, supporting the natural sucking action of the baby
  • Helps to develop the baby’s facial and jaw muscles



Dummy - Step 2Step 2

  • For when solids are introduced
  • This step encourages the baby to open and close their mouth (similar to when they eat/ chew/ swallow)
  • Encourages a smooth weaning process




Dummy - Step 3Step 3

  • For when the baby begins to teethe
  • As the baby starts to wean and speak, they tend to breathe through their mouths – this step encourages them to develop the habit of breathing through their nose, thus
  • preventing throat dryness and the inhalation of dust




Training Teethers

Putting things in their mouth is a natural reflex, and an important part of a baby’s development. Chewing on different materials and shapes stimulates the periodontal membrane under the teeth, and by doing this, the baby learns how to control the force of their bite. Pigeon Teethers are designed to stimulate the baby’s senses and promote natural jaw development.


pigeonPresenter03Step 1

  • From 4 months
  • Encourages the baby to chew and close their lips.







Step 2

  • From 7 months
  • Stimulates the periodontal ligaments which prepares baby’s to chew foods of different textures.




Damage to baby teeth can affect permanent teeth. It is important to start a baby’s tooth care at an early stage. Start brushing with a baby toothbrush when the first tooth appears.

Pigeon’s Training Toothbrushes are designed to be used for all stages of tooth growth.

Toothbrush - Lesson1


Lesson 1

  • Baby’s first toothbrush – the concept of holding a toothbrush is introduced.
  • The soft elastomer rubber head soothes the baby’s tender gums and a safety shield can be attached to prevent the brush being pushed too far in.



Toothbrush - Lesson2


Lesson 2

  • Promotes and reinforces the habit of toothbrushing by introducing the brushing movement.
  • Fine elastomer bristle ends are gentle on the baby’s first milk teeth.
  • The rounded head soothes the baby’s tender gums and a safety shield can be attached to prevent accidental choking.



Toothbrush - Lesson3


Lesson 3

  • The small head enables the baby to brush and reach all of their teeth, ideal for when the baby has most milk teeth.
  • The extra soft bristles are ideal for sensitive gums and the gentle cleaning of milk teeth.




Nose Cleaner

  • Nose-Cleaner-900pxClears a runny nose, enabling the baby to breathe easier.
  • The soft, removable silicone tip and gentle suction, ensures no damage to the baby’s nasal passages.

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