Manual Breast Pump

25 May Manual Breast Pump

Based on our extensive breastfeeding research, the 3 factors that contribute to effective breast milk expression are:

  1. Fit – how securely the ‘cup’ fits the breast
  2. Gentle Stimulation – the preparation for milk ejection, ‘let-down’
  3. Expression – smooth and efficient ejection of milk

PIGEON’s Manual Breast Pump addresses these 3 factors, allowing mothers to express their milk naturally and relieves their concerns about painful expression or hurting their nipples.

express diagram


Fit – The Manual Breast Pump comes with 2 funnel sizes to suit the different needs of more breastfeeding mothers, and the new Comfort ProperFIT flange is made of softer material and has a ‘wing’ to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The close contact achieved stops air leakage to help improve milk extraction.

Gentle Stimulation – The Stimulation phase is essential for efficient let-down before breast milk expression. This is based on research of the natural sucking patterns of babies.

Expression – The ergonomic handle enables adjustment by the mother of the suction strength using her grip.

Manual breast pump phases pic


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