Pigeon Liquid Cleanser 650mL Refill
Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is a multi-use cleaning product for use on baby bottles, teats, toys and accessories. Use also to wash fresh fruit and vegetables. Naturally biodegradable, Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is made from food grade ingredients and contains no harsh...
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Powder Milk Container
Pigeon Powder Milk Container is ideal for storing formula and/or snacks whilst out and about. Featuring a top nozzle for easy pour of formula and three separate compartments that can be separated and used for single use. Light and compact,...
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Training Teether Step 1
Pigeon Training Teether Step 1 is an aid to your baby's oral development from 4+ months. The teether encourages babies to close their lips and chew. The soft material is gentle on gums and the multiple patterns give varied touch...
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