Breastfeeding Accessories

25 May Breastfeeding Accessories


Nipple Puller

Traditionally designed for breastfeeding mothers with inverted nipples, nipple pullers are also popular in helping every day breast feeders achieve a more efficient latch, by bring out the nipple prior to breastfeeding.




Nipple Shield

  • An aid for successful breastfeeding, a Nipple Shield can help baby latch on when the nipple is sore or cracked.
  • A shield can also help slow milk flow.
  • Available in 1 size only.





breastmilk-storage-bags with box

 Breastmilk Storage Bags 25s

  • Pre-sterilised with gamma ray
  • Convenient pour spout for easy transferral of breastmilk.
  • Self standing bag for ease of use
  • Can be stored flat in the freezer, taking up minimal space.
  • Double zipper ensures no leakage

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