• Dummy or No Dummy?

    This is a very common question from new parents and there is no wrong or right answer. There are however some considerations, so let me provide you with the latest evidence to help you to make an informed choice for you and your baby. Babies love to suck, this might be a hand, thumb, a nipple or a dummy, sucking provides a great sense...
  • Meet our Resident Childbirth Educator!

    Meet our Resident Childbirth Educator!

    Here at Pigeon we love working with like minded individuals who empower Mums to give babies the best start in life. This blog is led by Julyanne Tesoriero – Childbirth Educator and Sleep Consultant. Julyanne is extremely passionate about supporting parents on the first 1000 day journey - from preconception through to toddlerhood. Julyanne started her career, as a nurse, in 1996 and worked...
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