My baby's teat keeps collapsing. Why?

Teats can collapse for different reasons.

A block at the opening of the teat or in the air valve on the side of a teat can cause a collapse. It is important to check these openings regularly to ensure they are clear. If there is a block, use Pigeon Liquid Cleanser or a mild detergent to carefully wash and remove any build up. Remember, the tip of the nipple is a very thin layer of silicone, so take special care to not damage.

Another reason for collapse may be the teat opening is too small for your baby’s suck and in turn creates a vacuum that forces the teat to collapse. This indicates your baby may need to move up to the next sized teat.

Collapse may also occur when a teat has been regularly heated to very high temperatures during sterilisation. The material becomes less durable over time.

Check the temperature when sterilising the products. Please refer to the guide below. 


Heat Resistance


Silicone rubber

120 ◦C



Please note, it is our recommendation that silicone teats be replaced 2 months after first use.